Companies claim not to market to teens; however, the same companies op
pose any efforts that will make it more difficult for kids to obtain the product. The tobacco industry refuses to do away with cigarette vending machines in locations where kids may have access to products, to forbid sales of single cigarettes or “kiddie packs” (packs fewer than 20 cigarettes) or to prohibit sales via the Internet or through the mail.Source:
Tobacco companies target teens, plain and simple. The tobacco companies aren’t stupid; they’re in it for the money. Their business is all about the addiction to nicotine via tobacco products, so it only makes sense that they would make tobacco look cool and sexy. Read more about tobacco companies’ deceptive marketing tactics geared towards teens here.
The stats are convincing. Tobacco products are very addictive and millions of teens who start smoking today will ultimately die from smoking! Click here to read more.