Did you know that 34 percent of tobacco ads are in magazines teens read? Do you want to be bombarded by tobacco ads every time you open up a magazine? Well, why not do something to put a stop to it. You can start by downloading our REALITY Illinois Hey Tobacco Advertiser card. Then, the next time you see one of those awful tobacco ads in a magazine, send them a card so they know how you feel. Or click here for a list of magazines that accept tobacco ads and their publisher’s addresses. Let magazines know that their advertising dollars are not more important then your life!
To help build the movement in Illinois and let teens know what’s really happening, REALITY Illinois has been going to schools and giving a Tobacco 101 presentation. Teachers, if you are interested in receiving a presentation, click here and e-mail us your contact information (name, phone number, school and potential dates you would like a presentation) and we’ll get back to you.

For more ideas on different ways you can use the REstaurant Tip card, click here.

When you go out, do you really want to sit down and eat your food surrounded by a haze of smoke? We think not! So don’t just sit there and suck it up, do something to let restaurant managers know how you feel – and REALITY Illinois will even make it easy for you. Just download our Restaurant Tip card and every time you eat out, leave this “tip” on restaurant tables along with your regular tip. Don’t forget to share this idea with your friends and family.